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Monday, November 29, 2010

Submitted by Kellie

I myself was on the wrong end of a witch hunt. I had my speical needs cousins removed from my care by cps why because the nicholas county school and the mom of the twins went after me now keep in mind that cps gave me the kids in the first place but that was in a diff county in ky. I never had a fair chance they came and took them in feb. of this year because lets see the girl had cut her hair so bad I had to do a buzz cut on it but oh yeah I forgot to take pics of it for proof who thinks of that. oh and the school said the kids came to school with a foul smell lets see clean clothes and baths everynight i dont think so, the school said the kids came to school with flea bites because we had dogs ( yes we had dogs but our dogs did not have anymore fleas then most) and we got a new caseworker because kim denkins as she put it could not do this anymore and my court lawyer was a joke he never once wanted to get the list of people that could back me up! I never had a shot of getting the kids back I knew when when they took them But they said the whole goal was to give them back my case worker was at my house once in 5 months he was to do once a month vists so how is that working to put the family back together? Its not but let me also say that the only took the boy because they were twins no other reason and they left the other two kids in the home so as you can see cps is really a joke in most cases and in nicholas county they tend to make the rules as they go along not based on what is right or the fact that I had these kids for two and half years before all this started and not one complant besides the girl getting in trouble at school but the school said this never happened and would not allow the past teachers to speak up.

So as a word to the wise keep track of CPS for your kids own safety.

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