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Monday, November 29, 2010

Submitted by Harold

I had a violent wife whom attacked me regularly, I told this to a policeman and explained my wife was a neglectful mother and I worried about the safety of our infant son, the Utah policeman told me I was the father I had to do something about it. (I thought that was the purpose of telling a policeman) Things continued wife would blow up at me.  The same day she had our 2 year old son in the living room with his diaper off and she was saying tling tling tling and brushing his penis back and forth until he was hard, I was furious and said she better not do that again, she replied that she was the mother and hse could do what she wanted. My brother came over the next day and observed her doing the same thing. We talked about that when I got home from work and basically to make a long story short she decided to leave,

She had lost her bank card to our account, so I let her use mine to get a plane ticket to her family in new york, we agreed that we were divorcing and that she would give me a address once she gets to her family. I told her I didnt want her to leave the state with our son, she said I couldnt stop her and she was leaving if she had to walk. So I stepped aside knowing I couldnt stop her and no one seemed interested in helping me with it.

She then flew to New York I think and when she never called and explained that I have filed for divorce and I was fighting for visitation with our son. She replied in spanish which translates a little different in english, "you will not ever see my son and you or he will die before I let you" Well I asked my attorney for a protection order cause in Illinois you cant get one from the police. My attorney said that I will never be able to convince a atoorney that you are affraid of a woman. I showed my knife wound on my arm from her but that didnt seem to get me anywhere.

She refused any contact or where our son was. In illinois after 15 days it is parental kidnapping to hide a child from the other parent. I filed a police report and the cop said there was no law and I showed him and he got very angry and let me file a report which he refused to pass it up the chain. my attorney went around the police and talked with the states attorney who refused to do anything unless a state policeman did something, and of course this is a full circle. I tried to report my wife to the child protective service and they wouldnt even take a report because I have no address for her.

I filed for publication divorce which she wont show. so I will get but because of the stigma of a mother is the best parent it will be hard. I was the primary caretaker before she left as well. I then have spoken with her in email where she refused or gave me a address that is not valid after 3 months, she offered me visitation if I give her 3000 bucks and child support, I agreed so I could see him and once I agreed she said I could only have visitation if I sign over custody or parental rights. Which I said no, She had made threats to talk our son out of the country everytime she couldnt have something she wanted for about a year and I asked for our sons passport until court was over and she refused, you can not even get the government to cancel the passport if you dont have the child with you. But thats my short version of the story, through all this the Salem illinois police refused to even worry about my wife selling drugs, assaulting me our our child and abducting him to another state to hide him. They try to confort you as if you are hurt by my wife leaving. I couldnt believe the lack of worrying about a child in a dangerous situation because he is with the abusive mother he must be ok. And because I am only the father I am nothing to the child.

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