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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DA: CPS Supervisor Disclosed Confidential Info

DA: CPS Supervisor Disclosed Confidential Info

A former supervisor with the Nassau County Child Protective Services (CPS) was arrested Tuesday after he illegally accessed the agency’s confidential database in an attempt to discredit a police officer who had given him a speeding ticket.


  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    I am glad that the DA is going after this. This CPS worker is not the first in NY State who has abused their power regarding confidentiality laws -by statute.

    This is an example of the arrogance that these folks in general possess.

    Exactly what did this man hope to obtain in TRAFFIC COURT.

    "Gee, your Honor, I could not have been speeding because the officer was once investigated by OCFS."

    One thing has nothing to do with the other. But OCFS (CPS in NY) doesan't see it that way.

    This agency needs to be reigned in.
    Kudos to the police officer who stood by the law and reported this infraction of state statute.

    Throw the book at the CPS supervisor. Justice deserves nothing less.

  2. A CPS worker in NYC revealed the names of teachers who (as mandated reporters) made a report regarding possible abuse. The CPS workers named the teachers directly to the alleged perpetrators of the abuse. Go figure. The state assembly website states that such actions make a person guilty of a class A misdemeanor. I sincerely hope the workers are held accountable as this compromises everyone's safety who works with children, as well as the safety of the children themselves.


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