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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Legally Kidnapped Announcement

Hello Everybody

In an effort to make Legally Kidnapped even better, I have added another major addition to the ever growing LK Empire.

Here's what happened. About a week ago, I got an email from a reader suggesting that I find a way to make Legally Kidnapped more searchable by area. This was a great suggestion, but easier said than done. Unfortunately, I can't find that email now, but I thank the person anyway.

Well, it took a while, but today I figured it out.

I'm about to reveal to you the All New Legally Kidnapped Search Engine. Basically it is simply a web page where you can search Legally Kidnapped for news stories, articles, etc by State, Province, Country or Keyword. It's not pretty, but it is fully functional.

Now, Although I did pretty good based on general searches, and blogger did let me add the labels to several posts at once, this is really a tool for the future. I am going towards my 5000th post, so getting everything will be impossible. (sigh) So not everything that is on Legally Kidnapped will come up, however, I promise you all, that from now on I will add the State, Province, or Country to the labels for the future news stories. And if there is anything that important that you think it should come up in a search of your state but doesn't, then send me the link to the post and I'll add the tag so that it does.

Alright, enough babbling. Check it out.

The LK Search Engine Page.

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