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Thursday, March 26, 2009

moms and kids commonly treated like crap after adoption

Despite all the talk in recent years on television about open adoptions and being grateful to mothers for the beautiful gift of life-- in reality not much has changed. Open adoption agreements are completely unenforceable legally thanks to laws that were cleverly crafted by adoption attorneys. Parents that give up their children are still seen as irresponsible and the children are still viewed as "lucky that someone wanted them," and treated as outcasts by adoptive parents that see themselves as being from a better gene pool than the child. The ultimate point here is that if you are considering giving up your child for adoption you should know that like abortion, adoption is not an easy remedy for the situation of an unplanned pregnancy. There is no easy remedy for that situation. Overwhelmingly most people that are able to care for their child and don't end up regretting it forever--particularly 10 years later when they've matured and end up being more responsible than the people they gave the kid to. If you are an out of control drug addict, alcoholic, or mental patient and you feel that you cannot recover and be of service to the child, and or you are a danger to the child in any way-- you should do the responsible thing and ask for help. That can include asking family, friends, and even going with an adoption. However, if you are really just looking for an easier way out be forwarned:

Just like with abortion many people have turned to adoption for an easy way out, and unfortunately: have found nothing about it easy, and have indeed regretted it for the rest of their lives. So have their children.

Generally no one on earth is more protective of a child than his biological parent. Realistically, we all know that the world is full of horrible people, it would be foolish to think that some of them don't end up as adoptive parents. Think long and hard before you give up any and all ability to protect your own child from the horrors of the world.

We say this not to shame anyone, but because we wish this warning had been given to us.

Life with Adoption as told by those who lived it.. the Mothers of adoption loss speak out. Spanning over a 40 year period, we see that the more adoption has appeared to change the more it has stayed the same - still separating babies from capable, loving mothers.. and causing much destruction in it's wake. An production.

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