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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Starving girl accused of stealing food

Starving girl accused of stealing food

Following complaints among students, the 8-year-old was called for a counseling session. That was when her teachers came to know that she was a victim of physical abuse by her foster mother for four years.


  1. Anonymous1:43 AM

    How damn often does this go on... and once again, the abuser has not yet been brought to justice... why are there so many obligations to promote protection of evil doers rather than the victim!?!

  2. Anonymous12:41 AM

    In Michigan, we refer to this as the Ricky Holland syndrome...and not one person working for and with the state has been held accountable. It will interfere with federal funding, you know.

    You must understand, it is the state attorney general who will bring forth charges, but how can he when he defends those who have committed the egregious activities.

    Nobody will ever be charged. In child welfare, you can get away with murder, if you have a state privatized contract for services.


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