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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Rosie's Movie Review - America

Ok, I had reason to give Rosie the benefit of the doubt. In one sense she is a truth seeker. Here's what I mean...

Rosie O' Donnell 9/11 Truth 3-29 ON THE VIEW PART 2 WTC7

Overall the movie America was lame and glorified the system sucks. A total waste of two hours of my life.

You are left wondering where the kid ends up. Does he go to college? Does he meet up with his little sliced up psycho girlfriend? It is implied that he is on the right path making him the exception and not the rule and making the shrink the hero who got through.

Rosie was the shrink who finally gets the kid to open up. I found it strange that she wasn't feeding him anti-depressants after a suicide attempt like they would in a real group home.

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  1. Anonymous10:21 PM

    The stats at the end ///
    EIGHT of every ten children in foster care end up either on the streets / in jail / or DEAD should be a wake up call to all.

    Oregon is one of the worst states for taking children and putting them in foster care.

    Such a sad, tragic truth.


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