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Friday, January 16, 2009

Follower of Tony Alamo jailed for hiding children

Follower of Tony Alamo jailed for hiding children

A Tony Alamo follower was found in contempt of court, arrested and jailed during custody proceedings Tuesday for failing to reveal the whereabouts of two of his children.

One of the man’s children was among 20 seized in November after circuit judges in Miller and Sebastian counties issued removal orders naming more than 125 children of Tony Alamo followers.


  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    what about the meggs kids?the alamos took them and are hiding them from the parents along with hundreds of others?so that is what they get.

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I never thought I would see the day in America where the "Gestapo" DHS would be running unchecked like a rabid dog. The government backing up their insanity of destroying familes and robbing children from their parents and family. With no proof , no evidence, no trial, only false alligations. Its time for " we the people" of this country to take it back. These atrocitys have to be stopped. This is nothing more than Nazi America now. The DHS are the ones who abuse children. The young people at the Alamo ministries I know for a fact were far from being abused untill that is the DHS kidnapped them. The news media work hand in hand with this corrupt DHS promoting their perverted side of the story , while the truth is never mentioned.

  3. Anonymous5:12 PM

    The corrupt judge has issued a "gag" order now that the trial is going on the fate of the Alamo church young people who were kidnapped, some at gunpoint, from their loving parents and Christian life style. The "gag" order is put in place so the public cannot be informned about the corruption going on untill it is too late. Untill the trial is over. This, they say (lie), is to protect the children. The children need to be protected all right, from the DHS and the judicial system. They get BIG bucks for every child they can steal and place in a foster home from the fed's. But they are trying to break up this Christian church also by getting the kids. These atrocitys have to be stopped. Apathy, uncaring, lovers of lies, slander, are the tools of the trade DHS uses with the news media.

  4. Anonymous6:56 PM

    this court is the biggest kangaroo system I have ever seen I think judge adolf should be thrown outta there give those kids back to. their christian parents you bunch of gestapo pigs

  5. tony5810:46 AM

    Since when in this country did become legal to steel children for parents that love them and take good care of them!? This monster called the DHS is totally out of control! Children do best at their own home with a mother and father that really want them, not in foster homes that keep children for the money! We need to get rid of this hideous beast called DHS! and the DHS needs to be in jail!!! I'm ashame of what our once great country has turned into! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! GIVE THE CHILDREN BACK TO THEIR OWN PARENTS THAT LOVE THEM AND WANT THEM!!! AND LET THE PARENTS OUT OF JAIL!!! and this so called "Judge" should be tried for treason!!!! This is NOT the America I once knew. Who's "government" is this now!? It's certainly not We The People's!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! YOUR GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN STOLDEN FROM YOU!!!

  6. Anonymous3:33 AM

    if you need a place to run to when you get your hands on your kids contact me i will hide you out/

  7. Anonymous3:35 AM

    now that is if you have done nothing wrong to thekids and NOT taken them away from the

  8. Anonymous3:44 AM

    this is why and what I did when the same thing happen to me..I am Addimate that I HATE CPS/DSS
    Jailed mom hides baby's whereabouts

    Published: Thursday, February 4, at 3:15 a.m.
    Last Modified: Thursday, February 4, at 12:00 a.m.
    The mother has spent the past week in the city jail, though she holds the key to her freedom.
    The mother of four would rather stay behind bars
    than obey a judge who ordered her to tell welfare officials the whereabouts of her newborn daughter.!!I with held my name so if prying eyes are watching they wont know my location.for now but I was in jail for 33 days without bond because I refused to tell them where my baby was and they never got her either..

  9. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Get in touch with your local Chapter of the Oath Keepers they are made up of all Types of Government officals who dont go along with corrupt judges like this/just look them up on youtube they tell what they do..

  10. Anonymous4:02 AM

    one Question tho before I help any Alamo familys , Why were the kids in a posistion to be at this place so long for this to happen ,were they living there why were they separated from their parents how did Alamo get custody of them for this to happen??????


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