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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Aftermath of Baby P case is making a tough job so much harder, says Janet

Aftermath of Baby P case is making a tough job so much harder, says Janet

CHILD abuse is happening and child abuse will continue to happen.

This is a statement people may find hard to accept but Janet Foulds, a social worker with 35 years' experience, says it is a sad fact of life.


  1. Why shouldn't Social Workers, the so called child protectors, be made accountable for their malpractice, which has resulted in the tragic death of Baby Peter, and many other vulnerable children up and down the Country.
    Yes there will be many more mistakes made,at the other end of the scale,due to the present climate,any action taken, will be better than having a child death.
    But System abuse can be just as devastating,Cleveland, Rochdale, The Orkney Islands,and the latter, the tragic,and untimely death of Sally Clark, after being incarcerated for years, for the alleged murder of her two Baby Sons.
    With the opening up of the Family Courts on 1st April 2009, Social Workers and other Professionals, will be put under scrutiny.
    Hopefully system abuse,and gross Injustice,may be a thing of the past.
    I hold my head with debated breath.

  2. Anonymous2:25 PM

    i think everybody involved in this case is guilty if u ask me.i dont how there can be mothers like tracey connolley.i also think that harringey dindnt do there job either as soon as they seen suspicion of child abuse they should of taken him away.he would of been alive today.i also dont understand how his real father didnt notice any of his bruses or abuse if he seen him every other weekend.he saw him a day before he die and didnt notice any of his torn off nails i just dont understand neither of this.if this is the system we have to trust with our inocent children then im sadden for all these inocent children that are being abused every day and dying every day because of lack of stupidity.


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