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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Social worker struck off for 'extremely poor judgement'

Social worker struck off for 'extremely poor judgement'

A social worker has been struck off the professional register for “extremely poor judgment” in a case involving a baby who was later murdered.

Note: Yet they let so many more continue to work.

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  1. Its about time Social Workers, were made accountable for their gross malpractice.
    Its A pity Sharon Shoesmith was from a teaching back ground, and is not on the Social Care Register.
    I have written to the Lord Mayor of Doncaster, requesting under his clause of Corporate parent, to put pressure on councillors, to suspend the current Director of Children's Services forthwith, with reference her Departments failure in their duties to protect vulnerable Children, which has resulted in the tragic death of several Babies,by the hands of their so called parents.
    The Director should be suspended pending inquiry.


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