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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nancy Pelosi This Week "Contraception Will Reduce Costs" Help Economy

Nancy Pelosi on This Week, Birth Control and Contraception will help our economy by reducing costs.
Family planning will save our economy?

There are lots of ways to stimulate an economy and American taxpayers are about to learn about some of them as Congress and President Obama study an $825 billion package ostensibly aimed to do just that.

Whether building roads or fixing bridges is the best way to spark the economy back into a roar will be a subject of debate in the coming days and there certainly are solid arguments on both sides.

At least one such provision, however, seems shaky from the get-go.

A provision that would divert millions of stimulus dollars into family-planning services seems to be intended more for ideological purposes than the pragmatic needs of a country needing to get laid-off workers back on payrolls and paying taxes.
Conservatives Blast Pelosi’s Defense of Contraception Spending in Stimulus Bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was criticized on Monday for saying that taxpayer money for contraception would save the states money.

"At a time of financial crisis, Nancy Pelosi's solution is to kill future taxpayers," said the American Life League.

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