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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ticking time bomb warning over child protection services

Ticking time bomb warning over child protection services

Staff shortages and increased caseloads mean child protection services are a "ticking time bomb," union chiefs have claimed.

Unison today said that a national survey revealed social workers were struggling to cope, as vacancies went unfilled.

Note: Even if they were filled, it would be only a matter of time before they screw something up.

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  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Please POST, I am the great grand mother of a 5yr. old little boy who lost his mommy in a car accident due to hurricane ivan in 04. He was 17 mos. old and lived with my daughter in Arab. AL. His mommy was divorced from his abusive father, who never wanted the baby until his mommy was killed. The baby was asleep in my daughter's bed when the accident happened. I was there in AL since everyone had to leave PCB. FL. The only family he new was us. My daughter was advised by two attorneys to let the baby visit his father. This was a horrible mistake, he hid the baby from house to house and wouldn't let us see him. This little boy has been abused ever since, especially by his stepmother. this is a long story, but I want to tell it to the whole world. We have fought in court for over 4yrs. for his safety and rights. nothing has happened. I called DHR more than once. When a worker finally took the case, her name is Pertha, DHR. She totally ignored us and interviewed everyone but me and my family. I called her for an appointment, she said she was almost finished with his case. She is a worthless nothing. We will not give up, never. We want him home w/my daughter and family, who loves him, the stepmother has almost broken his spirit. He is promised a safe place to live. See Amendment # 14 of the constitution. Please post, If anyone out there can help please do. Most people don't want to get involved, they are cawards.


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