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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Toddler in foster care comes home to grandparents

Most of these have been posted before. Here they are in order.

After a two-year battle, an Enumclaw couple is about to be reunited with their granddaughter. It's a stunning turn of events in a bitter custody case that the KING 5 Investigators have been following for months. A judge has just ruled the child is leaving foster care to be with family.

Just hit play and watch. Several video's will play in succession. And when you are watching this, remember one thing...

They don't all have a happy ending.


  1. I'm glad Judge Kessler 'got it'
    It's funny how many times CPS cannot comment...'for the best interest of the child' of course!
    Thanks for posting this, I needed a bit of good news.

    (ps...thanks for posting info about that adoption agency, it's appreciated!)

  2. wow! just, oh, wow.

    I found it especially interesting how the foster parents wanted to adopt the child, and made a 'settlement offer' to the natural mother.

    once again that 'carrot' of 'open adoption' was used ... we'll let you visit her and get pictures


  3. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Hopefully a Judgement which could lead to more alienated families being reunited.
    I wish this could be the same within the UK.
    Due to the recent Local Authority failings and malpractice,in their duties to protect vulnerable children,which has resulted in the tragic death of several Babies and young children, there as been a major influx of emergency protection orders, instigated by Social Services,babies taken from Hospital, within hours of birth, with the clause, any action is better than no action at all, if it prevents a death of a child.
    One lady, in the West Midlands, has had four children removed on a section 20 order, after her six month old daughter sustained a unexplained fracture of the clavicle, with no trauma.
    Looks like the baby may be suffering from OI Brittle bone disease?
    Social Services are now looking into kincareship, after my intervention, and one of the country's leading Children's Panel Solicitors.
    The new public law legal guidelines, that came out on 1st April 2008, state kincareship, should be considered, before a child is ever placed into foster care.
    This happens in many of my cases.


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