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Monday, January 26, 2009

Adoption: A Path of the Heart

Hello everybody.

We've picked on the blogs of foster parents. We've picked on the blogs of babystealers and you know how much I love picking on some of these blogs. Well now that Legally Kidnapped is in it's terrible two's, you'd think that we'd seen it all.

But not quite, apparently. Until now that is.

I click on this link that I get in an email earlier today and I come to the blog of another adoptive parent, who apparently just happened to get a job working for the adoption agency or something.

First I direct you to a recent post. So hold on to your lunch and Click Here!.

And here is the link to the blog: Adoption: A Path of the Heart


And I do gotta thank mamabear for sending me this one.


  1. Christ, do they hold regular auctions as well? How much for a blue-eyed blond baby -- no drugs? That's got to be in the 6 figures.

  2. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I've never seen children listed like freaking cattle! And the *new* as if the others may be damaged.WTF!!!!!!!!


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