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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Some good advice.

Note: This was submitted through the LK Submission Form. I think there is some good advice here, so I'm posting it. The person who submitted this is absolutely right when she says "Shut Up."
When dss takes your kids you are in for a long battle. prepare to cry, stay up worrying all night. you will be lied to, promised things you' you will not get etc. at this time they have my granddaughter. i was under the belief that i would get her back, possibly in weeks. its been months and i don't see it happening anytime soon. i have talked to lawyers,senators,child psychologist and many many others and their response is that dss is like the Gestapo, judge, jury and executioner. the judges do as they say; also the lawyers,therapists, doctors and every one but you. the best advice given to me and you MUST follow this to get your child back. SHUT UP. do not tell them anything but name, rank, and serial #. Be as nice as possible, but do not give them info to use against you. DO NOT sign anything without an attorney telling you to.

Be nice and say your lawyer said not to sign anything until he gives you permisssion, this makes him look like the bad guy and not you.They had my son sign an agreement to go to mental health, aa meeting, anger management and so on. he did not read it but was told it was just a formality to get his dauhter back. now in their reports he is mentally unstable, an alcoholic, and physically abusive. all lies. thses people are very sneaky. they pretend to be you best friend and the entire time r trying to gather info to use against you. best advic; get an attorney if at all possible. Do not use one of theirs or a court appointed one as most get their work form dss and are not going against them. if you cannot afford an attorney try to find one that will do it pro-bono. some can be found on the internet. also a law was passed in the 90s to give bonuses if dss was able to get your child adopted. they can do this after a year and they will.

good luck youll need it

ps my granddaughter was taken because someone that didnt like him called child protective services on him. he had drank 2 beers. they would not breathalize him or even listen. My grandchild had been bathed, eatten and was in bed.

Note: I wish you the best.

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