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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Child Abuse Propaganda Video

Child Abuse - video powered by Metacafe

This is a little twisted.

Most child abuse isn't nearly this extreme. They just want you to think it is so they can manufacture support for their cause.


  1. Are you kidding me? "Not nearly this extreme"? I don't care how extreme it is, physical, sexual or emotional- abuse is abuse.

    I agree that this system is seriously flawed and that children can suffer at the hands of their foster families. But there are many families out there who really care and do go in with their hearts in the right place (wanting to help reuinite the family).

    We have to remember that many times (unfortunately not always)these children were taken from their families for good reason. And sometimes intervention is necessary.

    I think the answer lies not in bashing the system or putting it on a pedestal, but in taking a good, hard, honest look at policies and funding (both how much, how and from where) and reworking the system entirely.

  2. A significant issue with this PSA is that it continues the scapegoating of men in domestic violence - including child abuse. Women are FAR more likely to be abusive of their children - both emotionally and physically.


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