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Monday, December 29, 2008

The silly things that foster parents get mad about.

Here is another of those silly foster parent blogs. Watch her rant and rave over a visitation schedule between a legally kidnapped child and her real parent.

Send her your love.

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  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    How about this scenario? Our child with disability was in a foster setting - not due to ANY protection issues whatsoever, but solely to achieve funding and services which were alloted to the foster placement and could not be granted to natural families!! Place that inhuman reasoning aside and further what happened: The foster mother suddenly insisted that our child be brought at 4:30pm to visits so that she and spouse could go out to dinner although she knew we both worked until 6:00 pm. We entered into mediation to appease the foster home and offered a later pick up time, or even a Saturday morning visit and giving up the Friday evening time. Nothing was accepted!! They simply did not want us to be involved period. We, at no time, posed a threat to our child, but were exemplary parents. It was absolutely horrible and the caseworker refused to intervene... lest the foster people get upset and thus, compromise long-term placement. Sickening abuses of power exist and children are at the brunt of poor authoritative decisions!


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