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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Perserving family saves agency money

Perserving family saves agency money

For every dollar spent keeping troubled families together, Butler County Children Services saves $4.36 in foster placement costs, according to Children Services Director Michael Fox.

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  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Research into foster care versus preservation of family - particularly, as it pertains to maintaining natural families of children born with or who have developed disability - is an important lesson to delve into.

    The ratio of dollars spent in assisting natural families in raising their developmentally disabled child as opposed to foster care cost is reported 1:4.36!! Therefore, why are parents challenged on a daily basis to maintain a balance of care for their child with extraordinary needs when services and funding is readily available for out of home care? It makes little to no sense whatsoever, yet, families with children with a range of developmental issues from chromosomal to Autism and beyond are placed into this stigmatizing and horrid life decisions! Care will be provided, services, funding, but with strings attached: Relinquish guardianship or risk funding for assistance.

    We, as a society, need to be more aware of the turmoil that faces our neighbours... statistically speaking, one in 150 children are affected by an ASD!! Before long each of us will be personally affected, know and love an individual with a developmental difference. From the point of view of one who is presently affected, let me please share perspective towards why these issues must be examined more clearly now, rather than later. Government support must take into consideration, Family-Centred Care at its core otherwise we will be faced with long-term crisis. This is based solidly upon the numbers of individuals already in existence facing collapse. The ramifications are far-reaching and devastating and yet needless... money, typically a driving force, can be best utilized towards children with disability and their natural families who love them.

    - vm


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