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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So what have I missed?

  • Father Follows Son In Suing DCF

  • Worker didn't heed rules in starved girl's case

  • Abysmal failure of child protection laws

  • Leaving teen in Nebraska a mistake, mom says
    Note: Well Duh!!!
  • Child protection review announced
    The Scottish Government has announced a wide-ranging review of guidance on child protection practices.

  • Government to reform social services after Baby P case
    Note: Not in a good way though.
    Nationwide overhaul of social services departments ordered

  • Child Abuse Central Index offers no way out, even for the innocent
    Accused of child abuse by a vindictive ex-girlfriend 22 years ago, Bakersfield stockbroker Scott Whyte ceased contact with their son for years, fearing that another allegation would land him in prison, before a court cleared him.

  • Don't 'be alone with other people's children'

  • Review aims to boost social workers' status and quality

  • Expert calls Tracy torture case a "social services plane wreck"

  • Children's Services in firing line over Baby P
    Note: Unfortunately the phrase "firing line" is used as a metaphor.

  • DNA taken from polygamist sect baby

  • DHS worker admits failing to report child abuse

  • Woman accused of killing adopted teenage son

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