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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Caseworker from fatal foster placement still monitoring dead boy's sister

Caseworker from fatal foster placement still monitoring dead boy's sister

The caseworker responsible for Christopher Thomas's sister, who police say was tortured for months by the children's foster parent, remains assigned to the girl's case, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has learned.

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  1. My prediction are the words, "it is not the case workers fault that this child died and the other was seriously injured. She was not aware of the bruises and injuries on the children, due to bad lighting in the home she never noticed, she did not fail in her duties in the least little bit and did the best job that she could. We see no reason to remove her from this case or even dismiss her from employment." They will say that she is without fault in her role in this childs brothers death and the serious injuries to this child. I would think it would be tramatic for this child to be around this case worker because of her failure to protect them. I mean after all, they use the should have know the abuse was occurring to remove children from their parents care all the time...well shouldn't this case worker have known that these children were being abused, considering the extent of the injuries? Charge her with Failure to protect, Negligence, child abuse, Involuntary manslaughter. Are they even sure she was checking on these children?


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