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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stop Corrupt DSS

Someone just left a comment with a link to their blog. It's worth checking out.

Stop Corrupt DSS

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  1. Thank you for this post, I really appreciate it, I have been trying to get my story out and also get other stories out, so that people can see them to increase awareness about what is occurring in the CPS system. If the abuses that CPS is committing are allowed to continue in silence...there will never be any changes. In order to make changes we have to speak out until someone hears us. The more voices speaking out together, the louder the noise, the harder it will be to ignore us.

    I am new to blogging kind of, I have two blogs one of them I have had since 07, but it has been a learn as you go They both basically have the same info, just on different blogsites in the hopes that more people would see them.

    I really do thank you for putting my site on your page. I believe I already have a link to yours on both of mine. Keep doing what your doing...I am proud of you and what you are trying to do for the children and their families.


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