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Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to Recognize an Abused Child?

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Author: Andy Smith

How to recognize that a child is being abused at home or by somebody else? You come across many children in your neighborhood. Have you ever thought about the abuse a child may be getting? Most of us do not, because we do not look for signs that tell us that a child is abused. If we can do that, we can save a child's precious childhood. Let us talk about that.

If the child is undergoing physical torture, you may find the signs of that on child's body. The injuries may not be bandaged. Watch for a burn sign, or red marks of beating, or any other mark that tells you that the child has suffered them not while playing or by accident, but by deliberate torture. If needed, ask the child. He/she may not answer and hesitate. You may see the fear in his/her eye when you ask that question. You should be then sure that the child is getting abused.

If the child is looking afraid or watchful at all the times, it means that the child expects the cane to fall on him/her at anytime. Normally healthy children are carefree. But an abused child is not carefree. That child may be asked to get up from sleep and hit mercilessly by his/her parents for some fault that was so small that any normal person could ignore it as childish act. But parents/abusers do not feel like that. They believe that the child should be perfect and deserves to be disciplined whenever a small mistake is made.

This is a very sad world and some people are cruel beyond belief. Please look for psychological signs in a child that signal something wrong. Please report to the nearest police station, if you suspect that the child is being abused. By ignoring that we are partners in the crime. Would you like to be partner is the crime of child abuse? Please help the unfortunate abused children. Please protect them from vicious people.

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  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I think this is the kind of propaganda that gives CPS so much (undeserved) support by the general population. Abuse rising to the level of torture perpetrated by natural parents is incredibly rare. This is the kind of hogwash that leads people to believe that children are being abused more often and more severely than they really are.


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