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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Parents and Politicians Battle NYC ACS Abuse

Parents and Politicians Battle NYC ACS Abuse

NYC ACS official admit to rise in abuse and neglect complaints of children in foster care.

Human rights advocates attribute these findings to a substantial increase in children being seized by ACS from families on false or flimsy evidence of “abuse” and then being put into a traumatic and abusive foster care system. Parents of these children have taken a proactive stance in their fight to regain custody of their children and have begun to expose the systemic failure of ACS.

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  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    No one knows pain and anguish that I had to endure nor the amount of hatred or
    anger I had to console just to make it this far to fully understand and fathom
    what transpired before to make the woman I have loved for nearly a year now a
    suspect in destroying someone's life I didn't and shouldn't even know existed.
    This situation is and has been the strangest occurrence in my life, but to
    believe that I have just slipped too far past the deep end is even more
    incomprehensible than not accepting that there is more to this situation, and
    if not, more to my girlfriend that meets the eyes. I have suspected that her
    past was speckled with misbehavior that someone without too much care or
    responsibilities in the world would do like, staying out late, running away from
    home, or even sneaking out when everyone's asleep, but I figured that she would
    at least been grown up and more mature now given that she had so much time to
    become a woman. However, I believe that the actions that brought her here to my
    apartment seeking refuge from a disturbed relationship between her and her
    father was just a ploy to get closer to me in order for me to be ultimately
    blamed, framed, and a scapegoat for a misdeed she, or she and someone else, did
    before she met or even knew of me. It was quite peculiar that after what seemed
    like a pretty okay time getting to know her online, and even though the dialogue
    we shared online wasn't filled with chemistry and passion, we both had grown on
    to each other over time. To the point where when pushed came to shove, and she
    was about to me shoved out of her home, I made it a compassionate gesture to
    invite her to my already cramped home of my mother because we grew up in a
    large, loving family, and never would like to see someone that we or I knew on
    the streets if there was room enough at her home to even sleep on the floor for
    a night. I made her aware that it wasn't the best or the sanest idea because we
    were a noisy bunch when we were all home, and since there is never a time that
    the house is empty it will be utter confusion most days. I made her aware, and I
    told her I'd give her time to think it over, and she did and after a while she
    (ALONE) and two luggage bags were picked up in a basement apartment/area in
    Hackensack. We weren't boyfriend/girlfriend at that moment and we both agreed
    that we wouldn't be because that wasn't the gist of the relationship that was
    evolving, plus I told her that I really didn't want to start another
    relationship for a long time. I wanted to just enjoy the company and
    conversation of someone who shared my beliefs, ideas, and view on a nucleic
    family for the time being, and hopefully watch that flourish in to a beautiful,
    well rounded, chemistry orientated relationship. After a few weeks living
    together, and realizing that a fun filled time was attainable with this person,
    I succumbed to her pleas of starting a real relationship with her, and because I
    had every right to believe that the relationship would have taken the route that
    our so called tenant-ship took I agreed. However, as soon as we became a couple,
    a darker, more abrasive side came out of her out of nowhere that took me aback,
    to the point where I couldn't verbally communicate with her anymore, and began
    to write to her in hopes that we could at least save our relationship before it
    moved any further in the course of negativity that it was currently taken. She
    promised me that the relationship could be better but I had to "wait" until we
    were out of my mother's house, and I had to wait also for her to be the
    girlfriend "she should have been". However, all I got from her was shallow words
    and empty actions. The problem progress and escalated to the point where she
    started to call me names like "stupid", and "dumb," and I never denigrating her,
    took real offense because I wanted a woman to uplift me not put me down. I
    confronted her but the problem only got worse, and the name calling escalated.
    After countless efforts of trying and trying, I gave up on ever connecting with
    her again like we did online, and even though the connection online wasn't
    strong, intimate, or filled with chemistry we did communicate nearly every day,
    but when we became a couple communicating ceased and her actions became
    evasive, covert, and altogether "none of my business." I was a little perturbed
    because no woman that I had every been with have ever did such a "360 degree
    flip" on me, and I figured it must have been for a reason other than intimacy
    because I was always passionate about the person I was with, and the passion I
    had for her still burnt with fervor, and she made me know that as well. However,
    even that she started to deprive from me to the point where it made no point in
    even trying after so many turn down and excuses. I decided to look at our
    relationship, and after reflecting, I realized that we never had the opportunity
    to be real or true friends before deciding to be a couple. So I brought her
    attention to the fact that if we can't even be a couple it must be because we
    weren't or didn't become friends first, and in this type of social under-living
    that brought us two together (me being forced to go back home after 3 yrs living
    with my fiancée, and her being kicked out of her father's home). We decided that
    being friends would definitely help and not hurt our relationship so we tried,
    but even trying to be friends was just as futile, and she made it her goal to
    push for reinstating our relationship even though being a real friend to me was
    so difficult for her to do. During this time it dawned on me that either she was
    living a secret life; or she once did, and trusting her was becoming harder even
    though the only thing she claimed she lied to me about was her age being 19 when
    in fact she was 18. I told her it was not a big deal, but no that this would
    make it a little harder for me to trust you 100% again, and we would have to
    work on that before anything between us went further. Weeks went by with no
    change or luck, and we decided that to relieve some of the pent up relationship
    tension then it would be best if we both got jobs to bring some income in, and
    to lessen the time between us because absence makes the heart grow fonder. It
    didn't work on both ends, and all that happened was me being blamed that I don't
    understand or care that she is working now, and she needs her rest for work. I
    was and still am very supportive of her job, and to make it seem like I think
    that it's coming between us, or I think she cares about it more than I is
    ludicrous and very trivial of me. I support the working class, and especially if
    they are females; so it would be every hypocritical of me to not want my
    girlfriend to work because it seems like it's getting in the way between us. I
    am not a chauvinist, nor do I think a woman's place is in the home. My mother
    has been the bread winner, and both the mother and father for my family so I
    feel very strongly about a woman who enjoys going out in the work force to make
    her way, and every time I tried to show her that my efforts were shot down in
    order to make it seem like I am uncaring of her daily struggles at work, when
    all I wanted to do was make sure she had food to eat when she came home, and
    love to give when she clocked out. One day we were laying on the bed, and out of
    the blue she asked me a question, and I didn't pay it much mind because I just
    thought it was a general question any person who wanted a family would ask, but
    she asked me if we had a disabled child would I still love him/her. I quickly
    said yes because that question deserved no higher thought process because if I
    created it then there is no way in hell I am depriving love from any of my
    children no matter if they are disabled or a prodigy. I didn't take offense, not
    yet, to the question, but it plagued my mind for a long time, even up until now,
    that she asked me that question, and after I figured out that she rarely says
    what she really means that question still is one of the main questions that I
    have on my mind. The relationship didn't get any better so I reverted back to
    studying and educating myself. She grew colder and distant to me like I did her
    something or like I did the worst thing possible, and she hated me for it, but
    in time I realized that she was the person who did me and my family harm, and
    was out to make it seem like I was the culprit; or the mastermind that
    orchestrated the hatred that she committed. It took me a long time to really
    figure out her dark secret, but when I did, I wish to god that I never found out
    because now every time I ask her she denies it, and every time I think about it,
    I want her to pay so dearly because she used me and my family only to get closer
    to me so she could frame me and blame me for her dark secret that she held unto
    for so long just to make it seem like I was the one who did it. After watching
    and keenly listening to what she said and wrote, it seemed like she was trying
    to make it seem like she was disgusted in something I did, but the truth is all
    that I did and every did was love her(and if she is disgusted by this then I
    unequivocally agree). If I didn't think it was too late then I'd eagerly take
    back my love, affection and time, but the harm she caused happened before I met
    her, and I am waiting on the truth to reveal itself to figure out if what I have
    in mind that she did is really what she did because if she did then she is the
    only regret that I will ever have. She has disrupted and smeared my believe
    system in people, and knowing that she lays in wait to use me as her scapegoat
    is very demoralizing because I can do nothing but wait until she tries. I am
    inclined to wait because I believe she will reveal to me and ultimately the
    world that I was something I knew I wasn't, and if she had known or had reason
    to have known then why was I the last person to know that fact. I still am
    unaware of that fact, and it plagued me to the point where I believed so much
    that I was related to someone that she stole from me that I thought the only
    reason I believed that was because I was going crazy or had already gone crazy,
    but even in and out of the institution the inferences were still strong, and I
    attest this fact that only my girlfriend came from New Jersey and she brought no
    one else. However, I have a strong inclination that to make it seem like she is
    guilt free then it's obvious that she will try to throw the blame on me, and
    just to know whose life that she extinguished or knew got extinguished because I
    am still utterly confused; to the point where I invited my ex fiancée over just
    to ask if she had a child with me that I didn't know about. She swore she
    didn't, but I can't say I honestly believe her because I know when she is lying
    or avoiding and her reaction to the question were very surprising. If she is
    telling the truth then I still need to know what is my girlfriends dark secret,
    and if my ex fiancée is lying, like I suspect that she is, then why haven't
    anyone told me that she had a child for me, and if she did then there are so
    many questions to ask and find out because I still don't know my child's name,
    nor I have ever even seen her/his face or know his/her birth date. Honestly, the
    thought of being a father deprived of his child drove me to get myself
    reevaluated mentally for to believe that so many people would conspire to avoid
    me seeing or even knowing my child is unforgivable, and my father intuition
    tells me that my girlfriend knew or had her, did something horrible, despicable,
    and unexplainable to any parent to her, and is now waiting to make the world
    believe that I was a cold, calculating, monster to my child and children in
    general to commit the audacities that she masterminded or know about. She makes
    it seem every day that I am doing something unholy and cult-like to her, but in
    reality I can't wait for her to blame me for whatever she has in store for me
    because I'll finally get to face everyone who denied me of my child and look
    them in the face and ask why couldn't Andre Stone be a father to the one thing
    in this world that meant something much more than him or any one in this world,
    and if I could never see my child again because of my girlfriend then she will
    have to tell me why, especially if she tries to blame, frame, and scapegoat me
    like I know she will. I am waiting on time because no one here is man, woman, or
    human enough to let me know. My only regret is not knowing I was a father in
    time so I could protect my child from people like them. All I have to look
    forward to in order to get to know my child is a trumped up criminal case that
    they will have against me, and my girlfriend will be the one who will start the
    ball rolling because she has all the facts about the demise of my child to make
    it seem like I alone, or me and her did this dastardly act of civil shame and
    disregard to growing life, and she will sing a song so believable only because
    she doesn't want t be caught or take the rightful blame of taking away my child.
    I was at the library today and I felt so useless when the lady ask me to sign up
    for the library book reading because all in my mind I wanted to say if my child
    were here still then we'd all be in the library reading and having a fun time,
    but since I found out that I may very well be a father nothing has been fun for
    me, and this situation that my girlfriend has placed me in has drained all the
    meaning of life and reason to live because I realize now that I have nothing to
    live for since she stole my child away from me and this earth. Every waking
    minute I think about her and what must have been her last days on earth, and I
    get enraged to the point where in order for me to keep sane I have to keep
    blocking these thoughts because honestly I want to know everything especially
    since I never even got a chance to even be in my child's short life. Nothing can
    ever feel good or entertaining for me again and the only reason I'm living now
    is to know for real that I wasn't crazy in believing that I had a child, and to
    know which monster or monsters took her away from me without even thinking not
    even for a second about her will and freedom to live or my right as the
    biological father to know and see my child for the first time. It grieves me
    deeply to know that these people are not behind bars and it hurts to know that
    these people will more than likely put all the blame on me just because of their
    twisted goal of fame and money. No amount of apologies or sorry can ever bring
    my child back, and to know that the people that took her aren't even apologetic
    to the point where they see best to blame me is very inhuman and intrinsically
    morbid of them. All this grieving father can do to save my daughter from being
    another statistic is wait, and waiting has made me inpatient, brash, callous,
    and hateful to those who I see neglect and act like they aren't parents for real
    or aren't real parents to their children because I am forced to live a life now
    in perpetual wait and anguish until the truth reveals itself. Why should I have
    to wait this long, and where is the real justice that I see being administered
    in the courtrooms, on TV, and in every day life. What have I done to deserve
    this act from anyone or anything? ALL I WANT TO DO IS TO BE ABLE TO SEE MY
    CHILD!!! Even just a picture of her face would have been appreciated but all I
    get is blatant lies, and inferences to wait it out, and the more I tell people
    of this situation is the crazier people believe I am. SO should I accept
    insanity liked I once believe I must have been or should I just wait and wait
    and wait some more until these people finally get all the lies they have been
    trying to concoct to finally put me in jail for a crime I couldn't, wouldn't,
    and never commit? I'm waiting America for you to see this poorly executed
    situation I have been placed in and I look to you for advice, guidance, and
    hopefully support because I know many will want to and will blame me, but I say
    to you who don't or will never believe me at least in the end I will finally get
    to se my child's face, and know she existed, and if I have to die just to see my
    daughter then I'd have done it sooner and by the hands of myself. I don't need
    sympathy or friends, or a cause to back me, all I really need is my child
    because I know for certain that this situation is because she existed and now
    doesn't exist no more. I personally can't give you the timeline or the place of
    demise, or the mind that perpetuated such evil compulsive desires to harm, but I
    for a fact know when someone has the mentality and personality, and it's so sad
    to say because I do love her still, in small doses, but these are all apparent
    in my girlfriend. They were latent before because she thought I was stupid
    enough or uncaring enough or cared about myself too much to ever try and find
    out but she as wrong, I am one of the most caring and compassionate person
    alive, and it's with this care and compassion for all that I have that's made me
    decided it would only hurt my pride, my daughter's pride, and my conscience to
    ever lay a finger on her again for what she did to my daughter. Before I was
    filled with utter rage when I found out, but I realize that to get anywhere with
    her I must let her take her time given to orchestrate her frame before I can get
    any bit of justice. Justice for me is getting my daughter back, and
    unfortunately I doubt I can so it's even pointless to even try and confront her
    because her lies make me sick to my stomach. She speaks so figuratively now that
    I am uncertain what the hell she is talking about or referring to sometimes, and
    that scares me because I believe she's trying to fabricate a monologue between
    herself, and pass it off as a dialogue between me and her. This is my only fear
    and this is also destroying my peace of mind, along with what she did to my
    child. No one can ever make me not believe she doesn't know something deeper
    than what she keeps saying and denouncing, and one day I believe she will be on
    the stands trying to dump all her past mistakes on my head because she doesn't
    want to go to jail or be in trouble; or would like to see me in trouble for
    whatever hateful reason she had when she first met me. I can't take any more of
    this, and all I can do to keep sane is to write how I feel because I have no one
    to turn to, and everyone I spoke to about this troubling notion in my family
    doesn't believe me; or even believe that I had a child. All I can do is wait
    because I even tried contacting the government, the FBI, Department of Homeland
    security (because my homeland needs to be protected from her) but I get no
    reply, and only hope that they aren't treating my greatest concern with leisure
    or a slight hand. I tried contacting the cops, but they thought I was crazy or
    making this up and this was way before I went to the mental institution for
    evaluation; to the point where I decided to check my mental stability because
    believing that this occurrence was a lie I forced myself to believe would
    jeopardize every fatherly bone in my body. I'm so tired of this criminal tag
    game that she is playing, but I have no honest means of getting true to her, and
    no legal means of expediting this process any faster. I am at a literal
    checkmate, and my next move is so obscured that I have been rendered immobilized
    because I don't want or need to play in to her hands, but the dialogue that she
    is creating and will use to try to hang me will most definitely be procured. I
    feel my rights being peeled away slowly, but I would have given them up or
    thrown them away just to know my daughter, and I would have given my life up
    just to save hers no matter if she was disabled or not because I believe that is
    why she asked me that question that night we were on the bed.


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