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Monday, July 28, 2008

The short life of Destiny Linden: A timeline

The short life of Destiny Linden: A timeline

Feb. 2, 2008: Destiny Linden born to Randi Linden, 19, of Indianapolis, at Community Hospital East.

April 21: DCS caseworker returns and informs Linden she is removing Destiny because Linden has refused to press charges against Love or move into a domestic violence shelter; Destiny is placed with the Colemans.

April 29: Destiny removed from life support, pronounced dead.

Note: With more in-between of course.
Baby placed in foster home despite warnings

The state agency responsible for protecting children once again is facing accusations that it failed to act on repeated warnings in the weeks preceding the death of a child.

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  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    It is the same old situation This woman TOOK measures to keep her & her baby safe, DCS did not. They CAUSED the death of this baby. Thou shall first do no harm is a motto DCFS/CPS doesn't understand


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