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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ex-Jeffersonville cop to serve less than a year for molesting foster children

Ex-Jeffersonville cop to serve less than a year for molesting foster children

A former Jeffersonville police officer was sentenced to four years in prison and six years of probation for molesting his two foster daughters, but he will only spend about 263 days behind bars.

Stephen D. Westerfield, 55, of Charlestown was arrested in 2005 after his foster daughter reported the abuse to Child Protective Services. Westerfield was charged with 60 counts of child molesting, 29 counts of sexual misconduct with a minor and four counts of child seduction from 1998 to 2005.


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Don't you ever tell the stories of children saved in care? Yes, there are problems with the system. NO ONE can deny that. But what about the thousands of kids saved from extreme physical, emotional, and sexual abuse? Not all foster homes are the low-life type you are portraying. I'm so sorry you only see the negative homes. But some people ARE doing the best for kids even at their own personal sacrifice. To give everything including your heart on a platter to love a child that you may never see again takes a strong will and a strong heart. Those seeking to adopt kids in foster care are often escaping the high costs of domestic infant and foreign adoptions. Being poor and not able to have kids does NOT make these bad foster parents. Or that they want to "legally kidnap" the kids...It only means those people have no choice but to turn to the system to have a family of their own and take their chances that a child is out there waiting. Those foster parents have to rely on a flawed system too. They have to be able to give their heart and be willing to adopt if (and only if) the system has deemed the parents unfit. So why portray all the horror stories and none of the good? It's biased.

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I agree that some parents deserve to have thier children removed, but you are also overlooking the obvious, not ALL parents are bad in cases of removal. It is easy to prove yourself a bad parent, but how in the World do you prove to suspicious, condescending CPS workers that you are a GOOD parent?


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