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Thursday, July 17, 2008

DCFS bars admission of wards to Riveredge Hospital

DCFS bars admission of wards to Riveredge Hospital

In response to a newspaper investigation, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has halted the admission of its wards to Riveredge Hospital in Forest Park.


  1. Anonymous8:50 PM

    I have been to this site many times thinking to myself and other sites since the article in the newspaper came out looking up about this hospital I work at. I have read comments on blogs from the tribune stating that the emplyees should be punished, but is everyone looking at an individual or in general.
    I went into the psychiatric field for a reason. I care about people in general but more about the people in their most vulnerable states. I have stayed working at this hospital because I care for the patients. It made me vomit when I read that article that I would be labeled as an abuser of such heartless acts when I'm actually there to help. After the paper came out they did begin to staff us because PSI came out and gave us more " training" now it's back to no staff in dangerous situations for both staff and the vulnerable patients. I get to go home everyday, these poor patients are stuck amongst the terrifying chaos. I just try my hardest on my shift to make it not feel that way to them.

  2. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Riveredge staff called me lewd, lascivious and basically treated me like a "dirty whore" when I came to visit my boyfriend on several occasions. They treated him like a retarted teen instead of a middle aged man with a high IQ. Several staff people had read a psych 101 book or some fool pamphlet leading them to believe that bipolar people are hypersexual. On his 3 stints there, he was called names and picked on constantly. They treated his schizoaffective disorder with the DARE program--convincing him his biggest problem was smoking cigarettes. This place does damage to people. He would have been better sleeping in a ditch for 2 weeks.


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