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Monday, July 28, 2008

Editorial: Overdue accountability

Editorial: Overdue accountability

The Sacramento County social worker who handled the abuse report involving the 4-year-old did not talk to the person who reported the case to Child Protective Services. The worker did not talk to medical personnel who had examined Jahmaurae. The worker did not contact people familiar with Jahmaurae's family or review the case with a CPS supervisor. It appears that at almost every step involving CPS's handling of this case, department procedures were not followed.
Note: Ok SHEEPLE, same old story, worker doesn't do a full investigation, tragic ending, bla bla bla. It's time to band together and get CPS to do more to protect children right???

Actually, I'm posting this pro-CPS propaganda so that you will have an idea of what to look for, as harsh and uncaring it might sound. Considering that the death of any child is a horrible tragedy, and if murdered, those responsible should get what is coming to them. Whenever you read or hear the words, "CPS should have done more to protect that child," you can bet your sweet ass that more children will be taken into foster care in that area out of fear of the public backlash, where the ignorant masses, led by a few loud mouth feminist groups, cry out against CPS for not doing enough to save one life. This kind of situation insures that more money will be pumped into the system, more workers will be hired, more foster parents will be recruted, more kids will be unjustly taken into foster care, and more System Sucks will get nice little state contracts, etc.

It's called Public Relations. Leads to the ever popular justification for the "take the child and run" mentality and the all time favorite excuse of the child protective worker, ie. "Better to be safe then sorry."

Same thing:
Since the highly publicized Banita Jacks case, CFSA is now removing twice the number of children from their homes and putting them into foster case.

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