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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dr David Southall Exposed

Here's an interesting blog I found working to expose Dr David Southall.

For many years David Southall has exacted misery upon the most vulnerable people in society, sick children and their parents. This blog will provide comment and evidence as to what Southall has done over the years and will not close until such times as he is arrested and charged with the crimes he has committed.


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    More like the vivid imagination of a pseudopatient campaigner and one who is a ex felon, who lied to the police and who had a forensic psychiatric assessment.

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    These sound like the words of an ex-doctor, an ex-psychiatrist, infamous for her obsessive support for David Southall.

    Southall has lost his appeal against being struck off the register by the GMC.

    We should seriously question the judgement and indeed personality of the person who posted comment 1.

    Thank goodness she will never again be a registered doctor and if the only activity she can maintain is the ream upon ream and thousands of words every day on her numerous pseudonymous blogs we can at least be grateful she is not treating vulnerable psychiatric patients.

  3. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Child protection Doctors should not be regarded as Gods and there words as Gospel by Judges in family Courts. Their word is never questioned. They destroy families without a care. They make ludicrous statements to support their opinions.,and those accused can do nothing to to prove their innocence. There are more out there like David Southall or worse and they should all be exposed in the same way he was.


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