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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fathers-4-Justice rally

OUR organizations, Fathers-4-Justice/Families-4-Justice
have been diligently working to put together OUR rally. A
rally where we as a nation, will gather to petition our
government for reform. A rally where an injustice which is
being perpetrated against OUR children can be addressed in
a NATIONAL forum. We have decided that on Friday, the 13th
of June, two days before Father's day we are going to
gather at all 50 State Capitols/Statehouses UNITED. On
this date from the hours of 12:00pm till 3:00pm UNITED we
will DEMAND a change to the manner in which our nations
family courts are currently conducting business.

This is OUR time, This is OUR opportunity, We are UNITED!
The following organizations have UNITED with us to support
in our efforts: American Coalition for Fathers & Children
(ACFC), United Civil Rights Councils of America (UCRCoA) ,
Children Need Both Parents(CNBP), and A Child’s Right.

JOIN US! In OUR efforts to affect change! I have attached
our NATIONAL FATHERLESS DAY RALLY flyer. Please send this
announcement far and wide. Post it on your websites, your
MySpace pages, your blogs, send it to all of your groups
but most importantly send it to our employees, the
legislators that have turned a deaf ear to our plea's for
a change, we are now UNITED and DEMANDING A CHANGE!

Thank you and of course, if you have any questions as to
how your State may participate in this event, please do
not hesitate to contact me or any of the event
coordinators listed on the bottom of the flyer.


Donald Tenn is…
Christopher, Leesha and Madison’s DADDY and
Member, F4J National Board of Directors
Member, UCRCoA National Board of Directors
California State Coordinator
United Civil Rights Councils of America
PO Box 276885
Sacramento, California 95827-6885
Office: (916) 838-6291
Electronic Mail:
Web Site:
Web Site:
MY MySpace:

The Fathers-4-Justice/Families-4-Justice SuperHeros are
**KPOW** **BAM** **SMASH** NON-violently fighting for
*TRUTH* *JUSTICE* *EQUALITY* in our family courts for BOTH
Mothers and Fathers because EVERYBODY knows that our
children want, need and deserve BOTH mothers and fathers
as active participants in their lives. **2 parents are
better than 1** **50/50** EQUAL Parenting.

JOIN OUR TEAM!!! Together Everyone Achieves More = TEAM

Fathers-4-Justice is a 501(c)(3) NON-profit organization,
your donations and membership may be tax deductible. We
need your support in OUR campaign. Thank You!

Families-4-Justice is a 501(c)(4) NON-profit organization,
your donations and membership may be tax deductible. We
need your support in OUR campaign. Thank You!

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