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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3 social workers face drug charges

3 social workers face drug charges

Two Stanly County Department of Social Services employees whose job it is to protect kids face drug charges.

A former Stanly County DSS employee has also been arrested and charged.

Police say they got medications with fake prescriptions.

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  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I have a friend that has suffered from false allications by CPS in this county, in which she can prove without any doubt what so-ever. I have lost all faith in this system after seeing and being with her through this ordeal. My faith in the court system as well as Judges and attorney's are lost within this county. The people that are in place to protect us, grant us a fair trial and to repersent us in a trial, fail in all areas, including the courts imposing a sentence upon someone for a year, without being given the opportunity of a trial to prove these false allegations, by DSS. Supervised visits placed upon my friend for one year by the courts, without any testimony given what so ever, in order to defend herself. The proof that she has is overwhelming.
    If these three are guilty of these charges I hope they get the just that is due them.
    These people, meaning all that hold positions of autority have no place within this system, if there is a lack of honesty, conscious and fairness without prejudice within the position they hold.


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