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Friday, March 28, 2008

Foster kids, frail seniors among losers in budget plan

Foster kids, frail seniors among losers in budget plan

Also on the House's cut list: $7-million, or about one-fourth, of the total of a statewide program that helps foster children adjust to independent living as adults. Advocates said some young people will falter as they try to live on their own.

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  1. Thank GOD! Finally a post here that doesn't just make accusations against Social Workers! I can tell you from my first hand experience, the government doesn't give a crap about how well DCFS runs or how much money it needs....and the whole DCFS gets money for having kids in care is come plete BS! I know because I work there! WE get NO extra funding for ANYTHING. The workers at DCFS are over worked, overloaded and underpaid! If we had more workers, better paid workers and enough time to properly evaluate things then less bad things would happen. I admit, there are crapy social workers, they give us all bad names! But I know that I will not remove kids from a home unless the are in danger.


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