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Monday, March 24, 2008

Middleboro reacts to child abuse case

Middleboro reacts to child abuse case

Unbelievable is what it’s being called.
Middleboro residents seem to either have a lot to say, or are unwilling to talk about the recent arrest of Michelle Henry and her boyfriend David Privette.

Privette, of Boston, is accused of burning Henry’s 7-year-old boy with cigarettes, whipping him with a belt and urinating on his head. Henry, of Middleboro, faces charges because, according to authorities, she knew about the alleged abuse and said nothing.

My future prediction...

1. Public outcry against CPS not doing enough to protect this child...

2. CPS step’s up efforts, claims workers are overwhelmed, needs more money, bla bla bla

3. Drastic increase in the number of children removed from homes and placed in foster care.

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