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Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Schools Want Children Medicated

Why Schools Want Children Medicated

In the city of Kansas City, MIssouri, an unholy alliance exists between one reading teacher at Troost Elementary by the name of Williams, and the Missouri Department of Social Services, one Jason Campbell to be exact. Mr. Campbell, and Ms. Williams have joined together, to remove children from loving homes, and have them placed on medication. These children are removed from their homes, they are placed with specific case-workers. These children are placed in specific homes, where they are “broken down”, This basically amounts to brainwashing, and beatings. They are isolated from their siblings, not allowed to see their families, or even talk to their families. The school district and the state has turned a deaf ear on this issue.

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  1. When I wrote that article, I had no idea the scope of this problem.
    There has got to be some type of action that can be taken. The problem that I have found is people just don't want to get involved.
    I have a blog at


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