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Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 Teens Homeless After Foster Care Ends

2 Teens Homeless After Foster Care Ends

Nathan Green and Ryan Race, both 18 years old, are broke, homeless and often hungry.


  1. That is the plight of many young people, that are leaving the Care System.
    Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice.

  2. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Add two more names to the roster of "Lost children" abandoned and kicked out of the system only because there is no more money to be made off them by the State.

    While CPS rants against parents for doing this and taking their children away from them, they turn around and do the same exact thing.

    Years of warehousing in foster care creates uneducated, physically and emotionally scared, and children completely unable to care for themselves.

    Please tell me again how the taking of these children from their parents was "In their best interest".

    Bill Medbecky

  3. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Unfortunately most of you "commenters" don't know what you are talking about. I personally have been a foster mom for 20 years and I have a first hand view of the system and the kids in it. While I might have my own issues with CPS I know exactly what kind of boys Ryan and Nathan are and will become. Perhaps you, Alison and Anonymous, should open up your home to these two boys before you criticize anyone - including the state. Exactly how long do you think the state should support foster kids? And how is the state "making money" off of foster kids? Both of these boys look fully capable of holding down jobs. Instead of panhandling - they should get a job. Even if it means pulling weeds for someone. It is really easy to criticize blindly - but put your home where your mouth is!!!


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