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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Judge's concern over lack of family court reporting

Judge's concern over lack of family court reporting

A judge has today spoken of her disappointment that few journalists are taking up the opportunity to report on family court proceedings.

The Ministry of Justice opened up the family courts to the media at the end of April as part of plans for greater openness in the justice system.


  1. They wont even let some Mackenzie friends into the Family Courts.
    PAIN, set a representative to assist a Client in Cumbria, and on arrival at Court, the Client in front of the Social Worker said, that if our Organization continued, the Parents would have their Children adopted,and all future assessments canceled.
    A violation of Human Rights.
    The clients Partners Solicitor also objected to our involvement,obviously wanting to pander to Local Authority wishes.
    Reluctantly we had to butt out, but we are all considering what action to take?
    Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice

  2. Anonymous2:14 PM

    I personally am a victim of the family court system in SC. I believe that because the session in court was not properly recorded the court reporter made all kinds of damaging mistakes I am sure the judge told her to make and I did not get a fair trial. I am still trying to find justice as I haven't seen my two daughters in almost 5 years now and I was beaten repeatedly for year. Now my two daughters have been beaten up by the same man and nothing is being done to make it right. Temporary order was allowed by Alvin T. Johnson for my ex's attorney to mail it to another state so that I couldn't respond. Now they are basing the whole case on this order to gain jurisdiction and I have lost all my rights to my children and all I did was try to protect my children and myself from this monster. Still being abused emotionally by my ex, Oh God is doing a work that is for sure. The guardian in my case got arrested for drugs, my ex's attorney got killed by another victim of his in court, and I just wait to see what will happen if this judge does not do the right thing and fix the damage he has done to me and my kids. God forgives us of our sins but we all pay a price either way for what we have done in this life. It's not over yet!!! Please fight to get recordings in every court room. That way no one can get away with what they done in the past. It is damaging to peoples lives.


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