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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Duke University Official Charged with Offering Up Adopted Son for Sex

Court papers show the investigation into Duke University employee accused of soliciting an adult to have sex with his adopted 5-year-old child began after a confidential informant claimed to have seen the man molest a young African-American child via online chats on multiple occasions.

Pedophilia in the Homosexual World

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  1. The Duke father who offered his son for sex is as bad as these foster care residential facilities, who admit they cannot assure a child will not be raped while in their care!

    They were not raped at home, so just exactly what is the state protecting the children from?

    These not so modern, orphanages, have zero oversight, and get away with murder! Literally, murder with impunity.
    Death by Restraint

    We are trying to bring reasonable oversight, but for now, kids are raped, and facilities state the child completed their program. This gets the child out of the placement he was raped in.

    Texas sends retarded children to TYC, Texas Youth Commission, while refusing to have a second opinion on the validity of Dr. Wood's determination of competency.

    He would likely find a half-dead cat to be competent!

    How do we protect the children from the Protectors?


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