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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Parent: State should do more for foster children

Parent: State should do more for foster children

Mary Pat Rowland and her husband, Dan, hope to give their five foster children a "forever family" and a house full of love.

But now the couple is facing a financial challenge after they learned their state foster care subsidy would be cut by 41.5 percent overall.

Note: Yep. She's in it for the money.


  1. ""What happens in an economic downturn like this is the need for foster families actually rises, and the number of people who choose to do it doesn't rise at all," she said."

    Uh, yeah, because everyone needs money to raise kids. Foster parents just get extra money for raising other people's kids. The real parents had to try to make due with their own incomes, while trying to deal with the same special needs that the foster parents are always saying make their jobs so hard.

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I would agree with you totally except for one thing. I disagree that parents have to deal with the same special needs. Foster care causes many of these special needs. Many of the children are misdiagnosed because they get more money for special needs children, so they simply create more special needs.


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