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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CPS Stole my children

My visit with my children I never knew love till i had them & i want them back

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  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    omg i'm so sorry. this made me cry. i had my 3 kids taken from me april 2004. my younger 2, (now 14 and almost 10) we adopted in 2006 and my oldest, almost 16 is still in a shelter, headed to an independent living situation. My brother is married with kids and a pastor, hired a lawyer to fight for them and passed all cps rules and regulations and the younger 2 were "sold" to a non relative and adopted. they cut off all contact with all family members including my other daughter, the 16 year old. Looks like i wont be getting any of them back even though i have a good job, in school, and have done everything they have ever asked. Legal kidnapping is right. Its all about money. We raised sellable children. Kinda makes you wish they were brain damaged or colored. We'd still have them.
    Heather Westcott


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