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Friday, November 28, 2008

Child welfare up for sale

Child welfare up for sale

CHILD welfare agencies have welcomed the chance to take over responsibility for foster care and early intervention programs previously run by the Department of Community Services, but department workers fear outsourcing the work to the non-government sector will put some children at risk of being forgotten.

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  1. Anonymous8:07 PM

    what needs to be studied here is the transcript of the Out of Home Care "hearing" in sydney. Those who were critical of the way that DoCS worked lost their funding in a heartbeat- behind the scenes of course.

    This organisation has a good track record at helping both the kids and the foster carers, yet they were replaced by another organisation who had NO prior experience in child protection matters at all.

    So when Wood has tranferred culpability over to these new organisations with no prior experience, one wonders how the tender was arrived at?

    Was it their political connections? Was it a large secret donation?

    For those overseas viewers I'd be looking at the scandal of Woollongong Council and the ICAC to see that those near the former Premier were intracately involved in a massive rort.

    Choosing those with no prior experience in child protection for a major role is fraught with disaster, regardless of what dirty secret got them the role.


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