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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Notice to members of the public who have had dealings with the CAS

Notice to members of the public who have had dealings with the CAS, known as the Children's Aid Society. We are gathering a list of plaintiffs and their information to put forth a class action lawsuit against the Children's Aid Society and Government of Ontario Canada., For human rights violations and infringements. Notice there is no fees or charges for this service. Should we proceed the Law Firms will charge a fee based upon award from the courts. No win no charge .

The information we require from you will need to show neglect, corruption, human rights violations and any form of abuse be it emotional physical or sexual, that has occurred to your children or has effected your emotional well being while your children were or are in the care of the CAS Ontario.

It pertains to anyone whom is in care was in care or is effected by this agency life interrupted by psychological damage caused by beign subjected to their emotional duress by being in direct care or by their children being in direct care now or past.

Information submitted by you needs to be condensed into point form by date from 1st occurrence to the last occurrence. This information can be submitted regardless of whether you regained or retained custody or not of your child(ren).

All personal information will be forwarded to (Barristers and Solicitors considering a Pro Bono Civil suit a Class Action law Suit will commence and also demands will be made for retribution for families and their children, We also plan to demand justice is serves and after we win the civil suit and WE WILL, action will be taken to demand criminal charges are pressed for any and all whom have misrepresented the rights of children by systemic abuse.This will be kept in strictest confidence. Your contact information is required incase we need to discuss your case with you.

Your information can be sent by mail to:

Ms Kathleen Mattinson
Cherish The Children (independent media) 99/2008 Founding Director
19 John St North Unit 2
Hamilton On Canada L8R 1H1
Ph 289 396 8595 Fax 289 396 9931

Or to

Cassandra Armishaw
Director of Communications
Independent Investigative Journalist
Box 64, Genelle, BC Canada V1R1R3

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