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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nebraska ranks 4th in child-abuse death rate

Nebraska ranks 4th in child-abuse death rate

A national report released Wednesday shows 16 Nebraska children died from abuse or neglect in 2007, placing the state fourth in the country in the rate of those deaths.

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  1. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Thank you for this page! And, yes, this article raises some serious concerns--according to CPS annual reports--3,260...or 716...cases were substantiated in 2008--depending on which report you read! Further, roughly 40% of reports are NOT investigated. Hmm, could these deaths be among the ones that aren't investigated? And how many are abused to death by their foster parents? They (HHS) report that 85% of state-involved cases are "lack of essential services" in other words, poor people. Only 4% of cases are physical abuse; 2% molestation. Hmm. Could this be why so many children die here? Case workers are too busy chasing non-child abusers to waste any time on real ones! And how exactly do they determine which 60% to investigate and which 40% not to? Let me see, look at the address, if it's a poor neighborhood, go get ya some kids!! They can't afford an attorney to fight you back! As a mother who lost 5, I will be done with my PhD in Public Administration coursework in May, and then onto my dissertation. And when I'm done I'm coming after MY kids and I won't need a lawyer! I will be their BOSS! ☺


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