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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Press release issued at 8.30am today.


On the 27th September 2010 Judge Bellamy sitting as a High Court Judge in Coventry in one of our care cases where we repesented the mother of three young children made an order allowing the press to name the local authority as Coventry City Council. They criticised their actions in this case and ordered them to pay £100,000 to the Legal Services Commission.

It has been reported in the media yesterday that the head of social services of Coventry namely Colin Green has formally apologised to the parents and their family for their mistakes in this case.

Brendan Fleming principal of Brendan Fleming Solicitors has today spoken to his client and her husband and this firm wish to make it categorically clear and to set the record straight that no such apology has been either offered or given verbally in writing to this familiy or given to this firm Brendan Fleming's. Such misrepresentations by the Coventry City Council add only insult to injury for these parents.

The local authority are also minimising their mistakes in this case particularly with regards to this expert's report by stating that others should have looked at the report and that they are also alleging the parents agreed to the instructions of this expert in these proceedings.

This again is another untruth. Mr. Brendan Fleming personally appeared before the courts on behalf of the mother and on numerous occasions and objected to the report as being too expensive, unnecessary and a complete waste of time. Mr. Fleming and the parents alos objected to the letter of instruction to this expert and the expert himself.

The parents are furious with this local authority and have instructed Brendan Fleming Solicitors to bring proceedings against Coventry City Council to recover the parents' expenses, loss of earnings and the cost of the holiday which they had booked for themselves and their children which they were forced to cancel by the local authority.

"An immediate written apology to this family", said Mr Brendan Fleming today "sent directly to them or to via my offices at 165 Newhall Street, Birmingham would be a first step for this authority to recognise and to have insight into the nightmare that they have put these parents and their children through."

This local authority stands accused by these parents of minimising the damage they have caused to this family and their children and have demonstrated a complete lack of insight into how this case has affected their lives.

This statement has been issued with the approval of the parents and Brendan Fleming Solicitors contactable at 165 Newhall Street, Birmingham. Direct line to Mr. Brendan Fleming is 07817001310

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