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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Doctors Confirm Media Plays a Key Role in Drug Abuse

Doctors Confirm Media Plays a Key Role in Drug Abuse

Since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) relaxed the rules on pharmaceutical companies being able to advertise on TV and in media directly to consumers in 1997, we’ve seen a barrage of ads at all hours on TV and in magazines and newspapers to “Ask your Doctor” about taking certain drugs. Doctors are now noting a connection in such marketing to drug abuse among our nation’s most precious resource - our children.

Note: I come across this blog every now and then. And I really think this person has it down on this issue and presents a good article. I, however want to take it from a different angle. So lets not stop with controlling what children see on television, when there are in fact a lot of stupid adults out there who are just as influential, if not more than the children, which explains about 80% of the foster parents that I come across in my work.

Lets even take this media influence issue on children and adults a step further. Here's another article I came across a while back.
U.S. Pediatricians Decry Media's Portrayal of Sex

They urge more responsible programming, and ask doctors and parents to play a more involved role
So the doctors are now seeing connections between inappropriate sexualized behaviors in teens and drug abuse thanks all of the crap that they play on television.

Stop and think for a minute. How does the television actually work on people? How does it influence children?

Have you ever walked into a room where there were somebody was watching TV and tried to get their attention? Ever notice when they're so caught up in what they were watching, that you practically had to block the screen just to get their attention? Then they snap out of a trance, somewhat irritated if not worse?

What do you honestly think is going on in their feeble little minds when that happens? Well I'll tell you. The bullshit is getting pumped into a deeper level of their subconscious. You know what part I mean? The level that effects ones view of reality, the part that helps to develop how one reacts in certain situations. The part that creates ones values, beliefs, what have you. Marketers use this phenomenon of psychological influence in order to get you to buy a product. They show you what they want you to see. The tout the benefits like how fulfilled ones infertile life would be if only they had your child of their own.

Now lets even go one further.

Have you ever watched Nickelodeonor the Disney Channel? Ever notice how it continuously pumps out shows that are high strung, funny-spastic non stop shenanigans with yelling and screaming and off the wall kookieness? How does stuff like that effect little developing brains?

Can you say ADHD? Perhaps the cure for that is shutting off the TV right?

The television is a hypnotic device that entrances the stupid. So when they play stuff like this...

The hearts of the influential and suggestible melt at a deeper psychological level and they look into foster care and adoption like good little puppets. So nobody even realizes that their brains and views of reality are being shaped by the idiot box.

And thus they get away with fraud, waste and corruption because people like you believe everything that you see on TV. Especially when it's presented as happily staged bullshit like Wednesdays child, where they take the kid out for a good time so they'll be all happy and bubbly in front of the camera. The stupid will say, how cute that poor child is.

Meanwhile some parent sits there wondering how their kid is turning out.

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