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Monday, September 27, 2010

One bad apple... Or National Stolen Child Day... Whichever you prefer.

The Problem:

It appears that the Baby P effect has hit Indiana.

This is a problem that we the parents of the world face which is a simple case of the one bad apple spoiling the whole bunch. Example: One parent kills a kid, therefore more children must be taken into foster care.

Whenever a child dies from abuse or neglect and the media gets hold of the story, exploits it on television or in the newspapers, the lemmings get panicky and call the hotline about any little thing. The workers get panicky and steal more kids. The government pumps more money into the system, and the parents and children get screwed, etc.

Calls to Indiana’s child-abuse hotline on increase after deaths of 2 children

And here's one even better. Even when the agencies prove that they are incompetent or are trying to cover up their failures, the calls increase to the hotline. (this article btw was published right after revelations of cover-ups into the deaths of children under cps watch or in the care of the child protective industry was brought to the attention of the public, not before. Check the dates.)

Strangely the new wave of awareness was caused by the shedding of light on the corruption within the system.

Now read this. Then come back and read the rest of this post.

So as you can see, as a parent, you have a lot more to worry about than CPS coming to your door. You have to worry about your neighbors, teachers, doctors, daycare providers, and even the Walmart Photo Department! Therefore a corrupt and fraudulent Social Services department is really the least of your worries. You gotta watch your back at every turn.

Yes they are out to get you, and no this is not me being paranoid. Yes they do want your children and no it is not to protect them from abuse or neglect, as I prove to you daily here on Legally Kidnapped. Yes they are a bunch of lying and worthless fuck-ups and no they are not going to help your family when your kids are worth money.

The Solution:

Now, if you want to do something about it, it's time we overwhelm the system. Start using some of their tactics against them. Remember, all is fair in love and war. And when it comes to our children both apply.

This is a call to action. Don't bother with the government, they're only going to cater to the loudest bunch of crybabies, IE the sheep who are misled by all of the child abuse propaganda that they see on TV. You'd be better off reporting a few of your states government officials to the hotline so that they can get a taste of their own legislation. Oh it is true that making a false report is wrong, and two wrongs don't make a right, however it's no different than a vindictive neighbor calling on you or a teacher who misinterprets the words of your kid and making a false report, nor is it any different than when my Family Doctor reported me to the child abuse hotline for rescheduling a doctors appointment in a time of a family emergency. These assholes are the ones signing off on the legislation that makes all of these agencies and procedures possible.

It's called civil disobedience and we need to engage.

Start protesting foster parent informational meetings and heart galleries where they try to warehouse and sell your children. Oh the news media celebrates that shit like you wouldn't believe. I sift through tons of it to get to the good stuff every fucking day, yet I don't ever see a single one of you out there holding up a sign saying "They Stole My Child!"

Oh the wonderful people who just want to help the poor abused and neglected children. Oh, it takes a special kind of person to be a foster parent. My ass. They're a bunch of pedophiles, child lovers, infertile's with an entitlement complex, and self-righteous hypocrites who come riding in on their high horse with shit that don't stink.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to stand around taking it like a bitch? Or are you going to make November 20th National Stolen Child Day?

Why November 20th? CLICK HERE AND SEE.

National Stolen Child Day will be a symbolic representation and a statement that we're simply not going to take it any more! Never discount the power of symbolism. The Child Protective Industry uses it all the time.

What you do is go to the Dollar Store, and buy a little doll. Write the name of your stolen child on the forehead and the name of the worker who your child was stolen by and whoever else fucked with your family, then set it on the front steps of your local Child Protective Industry office, your favorite adoption agency, your favorite family court house, whatever. Don't say a word, don't mess with anybody, just place the doll on the steps and leave.

I call on all of you to spread the word and make this day a reality.

National Stolen Child Day: November 20th 2010. It's time to start pissing on their parade, just like they are pissing all over you.

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  1. ass assholes bitch fuck fucked fucking pissing pissing shit shit

    That is my list of expletives, arranged alphabetically. While the cause is a worthy one, I am not sure a call to action phrased in these words will spread much beyond the hard core.


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