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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy two month anniversary to the Foster Shrink!

It's Party Time!!!


Because the Great Foster Shrink is celebrating her 2 month anniversary of a kid being in her home.

Check it out!!!

Happy two month anniversary to us!


  1. Look, I understand your problem. You resent any loving foster parent for taking in and loving a child who is not biologically related to them. Apparently this includes children who have been abandoned by their families. It doesn't make you look at that good, all these foster parents proving that your irrational hatred is simply insane.

    I hope you realize that no negative comments or feedback has come to as a result of your links. In fact, no one is clicking on them. Only one still throwing insults in the direction of has been you.

    May all children be safe, wanted and loved. And may good people continue to step up when parents run into troubles that prohibit them from being adequate parents to their children. May people do it for love and not money, may people treat children coming into their homes as the treasures that they are. May people continue to pursue training, mentoring, books and anything else that could aide in their care of children who have been abused and/or neglected.

    May others learn the difference between the enemies and the good guys, fix what is broken and learn from what is working. What a better world that would be.

  2. What? I was wishing you a happy 2 month anniversary...

  3. Right. What a sincere and kind person you are. I am sure if anyone actually read your post, they too realized that you only wished me well. And clearly you wish my foster daughter well too seeing as you wish she weren't loved and celebrated by the family that she is currently a part of as was made clear in your post.

    Thank goodness you could never be a foster or adoptive parent.

  4. My aren't we judgmental Tik.


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