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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Submitted by Anonymous

Every now and then I check the LK Submission Form. Here are a few for today.

In August 2008, five foster children were removed from my home without a court order and/or warrant. These children were removed for "serious safety issues in my home.

The children ages 4 to 8 were at daycamp or daycare and the youngest being 1.5 yrs of age was with my daughter and scheduled for adoption on the following Tuesday. A 2 yr old adopted in May of 2008 was not removed. Not being in state custody he was safe?! The 1.5 year old returned home 6 weeks later and adoption finalized in October 2008. The findings are unsubstainiated, but I do not want this in my file and have appealed the decision. Waiting for hearing in December. A year after this investigation, the local department sends me a letter they want to close my home. Of course I am appealing that issue as well.

Let me say it is my strong opinion, that a social worker became disturbed ahen learning I received our Local foster parent association bank account information from a 20 year non-active treasurer in order to get our association active and serving our families and children in care. Receiving this information the end of June.

Then these allegations pop up from a child who I had previously had in care 2 years ago.

Having an unblemished record and being an active member of the foster community this ordeal has been horrific. I will not sit back and let this happen, to me or anyone else. As we who have been struck with an allegation, we are gulity until we prove we are innocent, this costs thousands of dollars.

It boils down to this: Some Social Workers think they can manipulate, black list, whatever they want and get away with their unethical actions. Please know in Maryland, I will NOT stop talking until someone actually listens and steps up to address my concerns.

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