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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Submitted by Jennifer

Hi my name is jennifer and i have a 4 yr old little girl that had been beat at day care.

The night we took her to the hospital after being picked up. we called her with a peace officer standing their and her on speaker and she stated that she had spanked my child. know she left marks on her back that turned in to two week old brusies. but thats not the best part cps stepped in a few months back staten that my grandmother was to old to take care of her and she need to go to day care so she could socialize with other children. So we did as they wanted and moved on. now on oct 29,and early the 30 th 2009 my 2nd night mair came true. back in 2007 i lost a son a privet sitter and the state of texas let her walk away with murder. They told me to trust and i did and now my child has been beatin in a license state daycare. She told the cops that she couldnt find the paper work for that day when it happened, but the cops soon turned on us and started staten that we had some thing to do with it. we asked for a lie detector test and they refuse to give us one so we are having it done with our lawyer. i hope atleast?? They are trying to say her step father did it to her and im hidding it. that dont make no since that we was asking for the test and all the could care about is how a BLACK MAN CAN RAISE A WHITE CHILD!! simple cause he dont see color he sees his daughter. plz help us in this case to fight for us WE THE PEOPLE

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