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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Child protection failings 'put children at risk'

Child protection failings 'put children at risk'

Inspectors have criticised child protection services in Scotland after finding a quarter of councils had failings that put children at risk.

Note: The phrase "at risk" comes from the "Crystal Ball" method of child protection investigation, where inexperienced, recently graduated idiots are sent out to make major life changing decisions for children and their families by determining the probability that a child could at some time in the future experience some level of physical or emotional harm.

Taking into consideration that approximately 100% of children will at some point in their lives experience the feelings associated with getting hurt, (some worse than others) including pain and some level of emotional trauma, it's not that difficult to build a case against families using said method.

IOW, they make it easy enough so that even a Social Worker could figure it out and still they fail.

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