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Monday, November 30, 2009

Hunter family plans to foster to adopt through DHR

Well Whoop De Freekin Doo!

You know every now and then I just want to puke my guts out from some of the bullshit I come across. So let me spell this out for you people.

You are being lied to!

You are being misled!

And the fact that idiots like the Hunters here fall for the lies and propaganda that spouts forth from the television and newspapers, effects me, my family and my rights as a parent. So I have no problem whatsoever saying what I am about to say. It is simply of no fault of my own that most people are ignorant of the realities associated with the Child Protective Industry. And it is of no fault of my own that many will act upon the lies and propaganda in ways that help the industry to move forward in it's agenda of destroying families for profit.

On top of that, people with absolutely no knowledge of that reality or no prior experience with the Child Protective Industry and Fostering or Adoption should not be used as examples in foster parent recruitment campaigns.

Here's the article entitled: Hunter family plans to foster to adopt through DHR.

Michael and Stephanie Hunter have two children, but the Rainbow City couple hope
soon to expand their family.


The Hunters just completed the Group Preparation and Selection program through the Etowah County Department of Human Resources and are ready to open their home by fostering to adopt.
So DHR sucked them in, but how did they do this?

The decision to foster to adopt is not one the Hunters made without first talking to their daughter, Peyton, 9, and son, Keegan, 7.
That's good...

The Hunters learned they were not able to have more children a couple of years after Keegan was born, but soon knew they wanted a bigger family.
And they'd just as soon steal your kid because they fell for the lies and propaganda of the Child Protective Industries Foster Parent Recruitment Campaign.

Michael and Stephanie began to think about adoption, but they learned quickly a private adoption, either in the United States or from another country, was expensive.
Especially if they want a healthy white infant right? Minorities are often given at a discount you know. Ask Karalee.

“We looked into the cost and realized right away that we couldn't afford it,” Stephanie said. “It had never crossed our minds to foster.”
So here it is people. The # 1 reason suckers like this will adopt through foster care. It's comparatively cheap, and you can even make a buck or two off of it. But what about the drawbacks?

Then several families were put in their paths who led them to consider fostering to adopt through DHR.
How theological.

Stephanie home-schools Peyton and Keegan, and she knew several foster families in the home-school community.
Who either haven't told them about the realities or the difficulties of adopting through foster care or were flat out lied to. Maybe they should go talk to Mothering 4 Money who clearly stated, "I put nothing past them anymore, absolutely NOTHING."

“Now it doesn’t scare us as much,” she said.
Well, wont they be in for a big surprise.

“God really got hold of our hearts,” Michael said. “We said, ‘Who are we to close our home to any child?’”

It wasn't God who got a hold of your hearts Michael. It was the Child Protective Industry and they are about to suck you into a world gone mad.

Children in the custody of DHR have been removed from their homes because of
abuse or neglect.

A few have, most have been stolen from loving families because some sick power tripping social wrecker, while in an effort to boost her career, identified the family as an easy target and cut the kids off from their roots.

The Hunters still were thinking about the possibility when Keegan’s prayer one night led them to know it was time to get serious about fostering to adopt.


“One of the key things was God letting us know it was the right time,”
Stephanie said. “Keegan was praying, ‘Please give me a baby brother or


Stephanie said she explained to him she and Michael no longer could have

Perhaps God thought they had enough children. Just a thought...

“‘God can give us babies,” Keegan told them.
Yet they choose to take one from the Devil.

Before making the final decision, the Hunters talked to their children.
“We knew he (Keegan) would be the one to get on board,” Michael said. “Our daughter has always been the mothering kind. Her heart has always been there for other children.”
And so they're sucking her into it too.

Once the Hunters decided to foster to adopt, they met with case workers at DHR to begin the process. They had to have fingerprints taken and sign up for GPS classes.

“It was fun to get to meet a lot of different people that have stories similar to ours,” she said.

And they put them all together, sort of like the loonies in a nut house. I wonder if they warned them about people like me who have an entirely different take on it all.
Each class addresses some aspect of fostering to adopt that helps parents prepare for the addition to their families, whether it be with foster children or children they adopt.
I wonder if they learned any of the negatives, such as children coming into their home damaged from being bounced around in the system with issues pertaining to attachment disorders or violent outbursts, just to name a couple.

“There were so many things that we just weren’t aware of,” Stephanie said. “There are so many kids that don’t have their basic needs met. This brought us back to the basics.”
And there are so many things that they're just not telling you too.
Now the Hunters are just waiting for the call from DHR that places a child in their care.
And she's probably sitting by the phone desperately hoping for your child of her own, desperately hoping for some kid to be abused and neglected so that she can get her hands on the new little love of her life. These people don't even care where the kids comes from. They don't care how the parents feel, or that there may be a grandmother out there who is fighting to get custody. She doesn't even care what the state has done to the family. She just wants to get her hands on a sweet innocent little baby.
“We’re so thankful that God put it in our hearts to allow more kids into our home,” Stephanie said.
Only because you haven't experienced the bullshit of CPS first hand yet. I'd really like to see how long these suckers will last.
The Hunters have agreed to take siblings, but have requested not to keep children older than 3.
Yeah, never mind the kids who have been lingering in foster care or anything. Never mind the kids who desperately need a forever home and will age out with nothing. Never mind the fact that the older kids are the ones who really need you, right?

Just get the babies. That's all these people want.

“Ever how much God decides to grow our family is fine with us,” Stephanie said. “We’re open to whatever child God puts in our path.”
Then let God put one there. If the child protective industry gives you one, you're in for it.
For more information about fostering or adoption through DHR, go to (correction)

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