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Friday, November 27, 2009

Child services apprehends Police Officer's son

Part 1

A description of the involvement a police officer had with child services

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Amber Kolenchuk1:32 PM

    I can relate to your story as I have had involvement with MCFD for a number of years now in regards to my 3 children. They apprehended my two boys without just cause, and after they were returned to me they continued to involve themselves in my life unecessarily. I can also relate to them involving themselves because of my sons behvioural difficulties, which they assumed were because I was not parenting him well.
    I have since had another child who is now 6 and was temporarily living with her father. The same social worker who had harassed me in the past got involved in an investigation with my daughters father and removed my child from his care without notifying me. They are now saying they cannot place her in my care and she is in a Foster home. The system is a joke, they did not disclose proper information to me, and witheld information regarding my rights.
    I have started a petition
    and a group on facebook (Tyler's Angels) to try to get more information and possible publicity. If you can offer any information to me that may help my situation, i would appreciate it greatly!
    Amber Kolenchuk


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